Number 183 and 184 roll off the assembly line!


It’s hard to imagine just three and a half short years ago our little company was labeled a competitor and all support for our old systems was cut off.  Now a short three and a half years later, machines 183 and 184 are rolling off the assembly line ready to heat bolts and retaining rings with an input three phase voltage of 380, 415, 480 or 575, 50 or 60 Hz. (There is no input step up or down transformer required). These machines are the most advanced in the industry with a control system that maximizes every bit of the robust load station design producing one of the best machines to ever hit the market. Could this be why we built more machines to date than we ever did all time at the former company? We like to think so.

Another 200kW is born!

Here at Thermo International, the work never done.  Yet another 200kW induction power supply is due to be born within a week.  This one however is Special, with some really special controls it’s capable of so much more and within such a wide tuning range that it’s making the other machines nearly obsolete.

The Color touch screen (with an upgrade to the Wi-Fi option) can be displayed on any smart phone.  The on board diagnostics are far more in depth from pop up tuning suggestions to voltage monitoring and electronic password protected jumper systems nearly eliminating the need for the technician to enter the machine.

The optional temperature programmer can supply a controlled ramp and soak with multiple steps and hold features.  While the heavy duty load station provides exact tuning to nearly any load.  The electronics are self-adjusting to the primary voltage meaning this machine is truly a plug and play machine. No longer does any customer need a separate step up step down transformer to provide the machine with 480 volts only. These machines will operate on a 380 to a 575 volt primary.

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Induction Machine Fleet Services

Here at Thermo International we will come to your facility and preform general Preventative maintenance, Train your techs, Repair or install any upgrades or options the customer wants.

Here we updated and inspected 14 machines in 3 days, calibrating all meters and continued to follow our internal documentation process that is ISO9001 compliant.

These services are available for our own line of machines or the old Bone/Mannings Induction Equipment.

Available machine options are expanding!

Wi-Fi enabled (see and control the color touch screen from your smart phone!

Embedded Temperature profiler

Wireless Thermocouple input

Single Hard Wired Input
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Bolt Heating Inductors

Do you own an Induction Bolt Heating Machine?  Thermo International builds and sells all size Bolt Heating Inductors for use with our bolt heating machines. With more innovations, Thermo International has improved water flow and added higher temperature coatings resulting in a superior bolt heating inductor. No longer does the outer jacket flake apart like the “other Wands”. Our proprietary tube production procedure optimizes the material for the job while our production methods ensure better water flow resulting in a superior product.


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IS001B 120 KW Induction Power Supply

The Thermo International IS001 induction power supply was designed and built drawing on well over a combined 100 years of field experience with a vast range of Induction Power Supplies. This allows Thermo International the ability to leverage its knowledge base creating an extremely versatile system designed to work together. The Power supply can reach electrical efficiency ratings of over 95% combined with the advanced cooling path it reduces the total amount of water needed to cool the entire system. The output Coaxial cable has been designed to flow enough water for the highest Kilowatt load applications while maintaining its inherent safety. The Addition of the electrically insulated Rubber Boot makes the system versatile, portable and Ideal for bolt heating as well as most retaining rings up to 48” in diameter.

Key Features

  • 120 Kilowatt power supply
  • 2-12 kHz output
  • 380-575 volt 3 Phase (Not Phase Sensitive) input
  • 380-575 with optional automated Switcher board
  • 5GPM @35PSI Water Requirement.
  • 45.5” High, 47” Long, 27.5” Wide
  • Approximately 950 Pounds
  • All Aluminum TIG welded 6061 frame
  • Upgradeable PLC based interface
  • HMI Display (Human Machine Interface)
  • Password Protected fault History
  • Inverter Block Design making field repairs simpler
  • Ground Fault System Standard
  • On board diagnostics eliminating the need for technicians to measure live voltages in the field
  • MIL Spec E Stop
  • Available Smart Phone remote screen Application
  • Custom Designed Tappable Isolation Transformer to allow load tuning
  • Isolated Capacitor Towers to allow load tuning
  • Built in booster pump
  • Front mounted Coaxial cable
  • Front Mounted On, Off, Emergency Stop, Power level control and Breakers
  • Front mounted Remote on off connector
  • Remote on off pendant
  • Offset Coax terminations eliminating the need for short flexible leads
  • Rear Mounted Power inlet trough designed to take 6AWG to 500 MCM cable
  • Rear Mounted Water inlet and outlet utilizing Quick disconnect fittings
  • Stainless steel front and rear panel
  • Aluminum diamond plate exterior
  • Swivel castors for easy movement
  • Optional Wi-Fi and Smart phone connect as a backup display.

The operator screen and the Process data screen are 2 of 10 basic screens for multiple sections and data logging of the machine and its functions. A key feature is the process data monitoring in real time. This allows an unskilled operator to relay vital voltages without actually being required to open a machine and measure in excess of 670 volts DC.

Other notable screens are the “Distance Screen” that displays only the output power level and if the machine is running or in a fault condition. This screen is meant to be used during bolt heating where the operator is up to 30 foot away from the display.

An additional screen covers the water temperature, flow and pressure switches within the machine. These can be bypassed on the screen with the use of a passcode.

Thermo International also offers many accessories for the machine. These include coaxial cables, Thermo Flex induction leads in 3 sizes, bolt heating inductors, custom coils, field and master repair kits, remote pendants, temperature profilers, fitting accessory kits and more to suit any client’s needs. All of these components are built in house in our Flanders NJ facility.

Machines can be purchased individually or in ready to use packages, the full package includes the Machine, Coaxial Cable, Fitting Accessory Kit, Water Hoses, Thermo-Flex Cable, 12 Wands, Inline Valve, Remote Stop Start Pendant and Manifold.

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