Tube sheet coil OD X 3″ heated length

Tube sheet coils are for rapidly heating the end of the tubes within a tube sheet to malleable temperatures then allowing them to cool and shrink for easy removal. Some clients added hydraulic pullers to reduce removal times even more.

These tube sheet coils range in price from $250-$1350 depending on the OD. Pricing is a general guideline, all coils are custom made to order. Contact us for a price quite.

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Product Description

Tube sheet coil, OD X 3″ heated area

Tube sheet coils are custom made to order, they require a 4 day lead time to cure the ThermoGreen coating. These coils can be built any size for boiler tube heating from 1.25 tubes up to over 4″ if needed and a heated length of 2″ to 10″. Due to the many different tube sizes Thermo International will custom build these to order. Tube sheet coils are used when a swaged in boiler tube needs to be removed from the tube sheet within a boiler. Connecting these coils to the IS006 or Is001 (60kW or 120kW) or any of the legacy machines at the end of the coaxial cable allows the operator to effectively heat the tube to a malleable temperature while being constrained by the tube sheet, once cooled off the tube will shrink allowing for the easy removal of the tube without the dangers of an open flame within a confined space, and without the dangers of damaging the tube sheet due to cutting or hammering out of the old tube.


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