60kW induction machine for Bolt Heating,as well as heat treatment, Stress relieving, Brazing and many other applications.

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Product Description

60kW Induction machine
$300/per day
The 60kW Induction machines are designed primarily for bolt heating, they come with indicator lights (front and back) to alert the operator of the machines condition such as running, ready, limit or fault. The full color touch screen and internal control system is revolutionary in its ability.  The specially designed control system and load station allow these machines to preform better than machines much larger, while maintaining a small form and easy maneuverability. These rentals come with all accessories needed for bolt heating, consumables are sold separately.


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Items Supplied Quantity Supplied
60 kW Induction supply          IS006 1
Remote On/Off Pendant        IAC15 1
Coaxial Cable                        IA001 1
Water Hose                            IA011 4
Fitting Kit                              IAB01 1
Repair Kit                              IS006R 1
Roll 3/8 Copper tubing 1
½” High Temperature Sleeving 25’
4 Way Manifold                     IA010 1