Induction System Bone EV4 200kw

Thermo International maintains legacy machines as well as repair kits. We rent, sell, buy and repair them all with all repairs done in house. Thermo International is also developing replacement boards for the legacy machines.

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Product Description

Induction System Bone EV4 200kw
The EV4 200kW induction machines were born out of the EV2 systems, sharing the same circuitry as the EV2 but now on one mother board eliminated the travel issues from the EV2, these machines replaced the EV2 systems and are still good machines for retaining rings and couplings.
$450/per day


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Item Description Quantity Supplied
200Kw EV4 supply and Load Station  ISB02 1
4 Way Manifold                                    IA010 1
Water Hose                                            IA011 8
Fitting Kit                                             IAB01 1
Repair Kit                                             ISB02R 1
Thermo-Flex® 750 Cable                    IA002a 0
Thermo-Flex® 625 Cable                    IA002b 0
Thermo-Flex® DUAL Cable               IA002d 0
Dual 5/16 WCC                                    IA004 4
Single 5/16 WCC                                 IA003 2
Dual Power-Water Block (Set)            IA006 1
Single Power-Water Block (Set)          IA005 0
Dual Water Splitter                               IA008 2
Single Water Splitter                            IA007 0
Optional Consumables (Not included in Rental)
Ceramic Fiber Insulation
Super Wool
Thermo Knotted Insulation (SuperKnit)
Refrasil or Equivalent
Pyrometer W/Probe
LD3 Container
Filament Tape 3/4 Wide 6
P21 Tape ¾ Wide 6
P21 Tape 2” Wide