Repair Kit for BONE ev4 200KW

Thermo International maintains legacy machines as well as repair kits. We rent, sell, buy and repair them all with all repairs done in house. Thermo International is also developing replacement boards for the legacy machines.

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Product Description

Repair Kit for BONE ev4 200KW
These repair kits come in a foam lines case, color coded for easy identification, (Yellow for the EV4 200 kW machines). They Include all major components to help a repair technition get the machine running during a critical path outage or help a shop employees diagnose any issues with a machine using known good components.


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Item Description Quantity
EV4 Control Board          2A9000 1
EV4 Application Board    2A9020 1
Driver Board                    2A9040 1
Remote Board                  2A9010 1
Transistor Package             SB002 1
Rectifier Module                SB011 3
Diode D7 1
Stack Diodes 4
Stack SCR’s              4
Multimeter w/ Leads 1
Soldering Gun 1
Solder 1 ft
Terminal Screwdriver 1
5MM Allen Wrench 1
#22 Gauge Wire 10 ft
S4 EV4 100KW Service Manual 1
S4 EV4 100KW Checklist Form 5 copies
Repair Log Form 5 copies

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