Induction System Bone EV4 100kw

Thermo International maintains legacy machines as well as repair kits. We rent, sell, buy and repair them all with all repairs done in house. Thermo International is also developing replacement boards for the legacy machines.

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Product Description

Induction System Bone EV4 100kw
$375/per day
The EV4 100kw is the old work horse of the fleet, because these machines were over built many users became accustomed to what the machine could do. From retaining rings to bolt heating this machine could do it all and set the standard that all new machines were compared to. These rentals come with all accessories for either retaining rings or bolt heating plus consumables (sold Separately). Please contact the office so the correct accessories can be included.


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Items Supplied Single Machine Job Retaining Ring Job
100Kw ev4 Induction supplyISB05 1 1
Remote On/Off Pendant        IAC15 1 1
Coaxial Cable                        IA001 1 1
Water Hose                            IA011 4 4
Fitting Kit                              IAB01 1 1
Repair Kit                              ISB05R 1 1
Thermo-Flex® Cable            IA002 0 2
Roll 3/8 Copper tubing 1 0
½” High Temperature Sleeving 25’ 0
4 Way Manifold                     IA010 1 1