30 ZONE Turbine Warming System

Turbine Warming Systems are designed to compliment the Turbine warming rope heaters and together they provide total control either through full start up shut down recipies or through direct feedback to rotor long and rotor short situations. Thermo International can engineer the system to any customers heat load specifications resulting in longer life cycles of the turbines them selves. The PLC based control system is scalable and upgradable with a multitude of custom functions that can be adjusted to any customers specific needs.

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Product Description

30 ZONE Turbine Warming System
Turbine warming Systems are designed to maintain the temperature of the turbine while its not running or on turning gear. Additional cycles can be programmed from a controlled warm up with maximum differentials to a controlled maintaining of a set temperature to a controlled cool down. Thermos’s systems are all PLC based, all include Ground Fault Systems, heater break alarm, loss of a single heater alarm (even on 4 heater circuits) and we can offer a full range of custom control options.


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